Goal Setting

The Importance of Aim in Life or Goal Setting

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

From birth to death, a man keeps dreaming. They dream to be a good person or to achieve something. Every person chases their own dream, but science says that only 8% of people got their goal easily. Left 92% laydown to reach their desired destination. Only some people can live their dream in personal or professional life.

Now the question is millions of people has their own target and hard work but why they are not as successful as others? If your goal is strong, the world will admire your organization. If you do not have any aim in life, then your life will be vain.

So, what is goal setting?

What does it need?

  • What is goal settings?

The process to achieve your aim perfectly incorrect time whether it is personal or professional is Goal setting. Suppose you want to be the first in your class. Then you have to complete your task on a regular basis such as revision, problem solutions, following references. Without wasting time your strategies to become first is your goal setting.

Similarly, your aim to be a director from a manager, and your continuous effort, honesty and performances is your goal settings. Your continuous effort to become a top businessman from an ordinary person, your time management, your hard work, proper planning, and performances is your goal setting.

  • Why most of the people do not set their goal?

Everyone wants to become successful, but the number of hardworking people is very less. Every person wants to go to heaven but no one wants to do good work and no one wants to die.

  1. Lack of venture:

The number of people says ‘I will do it myself’ is very less. Somehow, having that potential within themselves but in lack of venture, they can’t reach their goal.


  1. Misuse of education:

Many of our society do not get the chance to educate them. Most educated people do not even know to utilize their education in a proper way. A weak imagination and improper goal setting prevent a person to be a successful one.


  1. Every person has their unique psychology:

The thinking and psychology of a person affect their career. A person’s ability to do something is defined by their thinking.


  1. Environmental problem:

A human’s personality varies in a different environment they are living in. Most of the people dream to be one of their members in their society. Prepare them to be one of them. Successful people challenge their environment and society to fulfill their big dream.


  1. Depend on your gene:

The success of you depends on the gene of your ancestors. It helps to become more successful.


  • How to set your goal?

To be victorious you must set your goal properly and fix your target. There is some process you may follow to fulfill your target:

S = specific or significant

M =measurable or meaningful

A =attainable or action oriented

R =relevant or rewarding

T =time or trackable


Your goal settings should be smart.

  • The goal should be specific not multiple.
  • According to your current situation, your goal should be measurable. Unfortunately, most of us set our goal immeasurably.
  • Depends on your background your goal is to be attainable and action-oriented.
  • According to your personality, your goal should be relevant or rewarding.
  • Time-bound is very important. Do not give your goal a limitless time. Otherwise, you can’t reach at your desired goal.

In every inch of your hard work is varies your success. Proper planning takes you to your desired destiny.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances, are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”    –     Jim Rohn.


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