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Choose Education which can give you best Career in India and Abroad

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Nowadays every student pursues their education just to have a good job. The number of students, who really want to learn to raise their knowledge, is very less. This is a sad truth of society. That is how most of the student failed in their career life.

The wrong decisions taking by students:

Many students want to proceed with their education life in a general line. Taking honors in a particular subject or just having a general bachelor course is not enough. It is not that having a simple bachelor degree or honors cannot give you a sufficient job. But it is a very time taking process. In this world of 7.7 billion people, the competition level is much higher than it was 30 years ago.

Let’s see some statistic in unemployment

The unemployment rate in India has reached its highest in 45 years. The job-seeking people in India are always on high. A recent study shows that approx 31 million graduate people are unemployed and looking for a job. 81% of engineering graduates in India are not employable. In other words, most of them have been forced to take engineering over their own choices.

In addition, the lack of proper guidance and choosing the wrong education line is the main reason for unemployment. Your career choice should be market-oriented. Similarly, backdated education gives you nothing but a hopeless life. In addition, it is advisable for an upcoming generation that having a general education means you are raising the number of unemployment in the future.

According to today’s market, what should be our career choice?

  • Market demandable education:

If you want to succeed in the future job market, you should learn how to manage work with people. According to today’s market. After that, one must learn about computer science, must have good communication skill and plenty of market knowledge.


  • Soft skill development:


1. Personality development:

To develop your soft skill, one must have work on their personality development.

2. Attitude development;

Your attitude towards your boss or co-workers must be polite and calm. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to stay in one specific job. A positive attitude is a must.

  • Communication skills:

Communication skills include time management, self-confidence, and a strong work ethic.


  • Some career choice according to market demand:

  • Engineering: Aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, agriculture engineering, drafting, and design engineering are on demand.
  • Merchant navy: One who wants to explore the world with a good profession, merchant marine career is best for them.
  • Management education: Management is the process of planning, directing and controlling the human and material resources.
  • Architects: It is a type of interior designing and helping clients in construction bids.
  • Fashion designing: this career is in high demand in the global fashion market.
  • Medical: A good MBBS doctor is very much in demand.
  • Charter accountant: It involves auditing, taxation and financial planning. It will be a great choice of career.
  • Lecturer: It is a time taking process but has a high demand.
  • Actors or entertainment: The most profitable career nowadays.
  • Journalism or mass communication: Hard to do but can be a good choice of career.
  • Law professions: Lawyer is a good choice. Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals.
  • Tourism and hospitality: Travel agent, tour operator, tour guide, PR management.
  • IT & ITES: As per NASSCOM statistics, there will be more than 3.5 crores jobs created in this sector within 2025.
  • Pharmaceuticals and health care: Several pharmaceutical companies are looking for employees every year.
  • Banking: There are so many banks and so many vacant seats. Just you need to get prepare for the job.
  • E-commerce: eCommerce has opened up huge opportunities across the spectrum of skills.
  • Telecommunication: Though this time is full of Telecommunication, So there will be lots of vacancies created in the future.

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