Time Management

Time Management

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Time and stream are not still. To reach the desired destination you should go with the flow of time. The most important part of our life is the proper utilization of Time. We all have limited 24 hours in a day, but the way of correct utilization of time is not a cup of tea to all.

A report says that if a person sleeps 8 hours a day, literally he sleeps 20 years in the journey of his 60 years of life. In short, if we calculate overall times we use to waste, 40-45 years left to work. Now if you say what is the reason behind that you are not getting success? the answer is in the previous line. So, start the use of time in a productive way now.


What is Time management?

Time management is a system that someone can value the time in a proper way. It is not about personal life only, but in the professional field, it works amazingly. Time management is to access the work in a productive way in a time period.

First, of all, you have to choose your priority in order to complete your work within a limited time. Time management plays an important role in personal life as well as in your professional life.


The important rules for managing time:

  1. A good strategy.
  2. Fix the Aim and Intension.
  3. Be a responsible representative.
  4. Fulfill the target within a limited time.
  5. Spent the correct time for the correct work.
  6. Give importance to the work in the prior list.


  • A good strategy:

Utilization of time makes your work more prominent. Make a good schedule according to your work and the importance of work. Include some productive activity in your leisure time to make a worthy day. Thus through the weeks then month and years you will reach your destiny.



  • Fix the Aim and Intension:

Utilization of time in a good manner makes your Aim and intention very clear and strong.


  • Be a responsible representative:

Maintaining a good balance of time will inspire others. Learn to say ‘NO’ in your work field; don’t put all the responsibility in your head. Inspire others to fulfill their work in a limited time period. One should have the knowledge and value of time. One could not have sufficient knowledge but give time to them and inspire them to continue.


  • Fulfill the target within limited time:

Limit your timeline and work hard to fulfill your work before the given time. Never wait for your boss to ask, complete your work before the time. A man can be great for his excellent use of time, it could be you. Your perfect schedule for your work will give you the peak you want.


  • Spent the correct time for the correct work:

‘Utilization of time for work’- make it your habit. Never waste your time. We can loss 1 hour but not 1 day. If it needed to use mobile alarm and diary to make you remind all the time for work because you are not a machine.


  • Give importance to the work in the prior list:

Try to make differences between works according to the list of your priority. Mark your works as its time limit and try to do them before everything.



There is some principle to utilize time properly:

  1. You have to be committed, put your important files and clear calculations to make your day count.
  2. Stop wasting your time, don’t kill the time. Finish your work before your time limit.
  3. Be focused, change your habit, maintain your schedule for good time management.


Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action”- Napoleon Hill.


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