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Take Advantages of Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to Find a Job.

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

In this world of digitization, almost every single person is on social media, which make it easy for job search. Social media is playing a vital role in everyone’s life. Searching a new job to promote your business or for education purpose social media playing a great role. It is the best way to connect to thousands of people.

Some popular social media site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn becomes a passion these days. Not only for job seekers, is it as effective as for the employers and businessman too. To improve business it same effective.

Among other social sites, these three has the most power to boost your job searching process. If you are already using these sites for personal use, then make it more profitable for you. Social media gives permission to everyone to like, share and comment on their own thinking. Use these opportunities, and make it more simple for you to find a job.

Today it is more profitable as recruiters are also using social media to give an advertisement for employees.

So, what are the benefits of using social media for job search?

  • It is very easy to apply for advertisement.
  • You will be easily seen by more recruiters, who are searching for employees and gave advertisement on social media for candidates.
  • You can build a strong network through various social media sites. Stay connected with them.
  • Keep your personal and professional updates in a different account. Keeping them together can harm your career.
  • Use the social media post of your own account to share your work, like some presentations, endorsement, etc. You can use a website or blog to show your skills.
  • Talk to recruiters about your skills and engage them across all channels.
  • Post on social media sites, that you are job seeking and do not forget to give your skills, keywords you want in your job. Thus it will be easy for recruiters to find you.
  • Follow some relevant companies and their employees, keep in touch with them.
  • Get involved in different groups of the industries you are interested in.
  • Start a conversation with an individual with some interesting topic about company and work.



Reports of 2018 show that there are 2.32 billion people across the world are actively using Facebook. Facebook gives permission to an individual to create their own profile and to connect with others. Facebook can provide you the potential connection you need. Take the chance to increase your network by involving in groups or Facebook pages.

  • Create an account on Facebook and send a friend request to people you know or you want to know.
  • You can create your own page through your profile to post your skills and information. Invite peoples by sending them the invitation to like your page.
  • In your page, you can give an advertisement that you are seeking for the job search.
  • Facebook allows creating two different lists to separate your friend list and professional list. It will help you to connect with friends as well as professional peoples.
  • You can upload photos, videos of your work and share with those professional peoples.
  • Many large corporations and companies have their own pages on Facebook, and they are constantly looking for candidates. You can apply there for a job search.
  • Or else you if you like the page, you will get constant updates of that particular company.



The topmost and crucial site for job seekers is LinkedIn. If you do not have an account on LinkedIn, immediately make one. You can say it is a business version of Facebook. You won’t believe if I say LinkedIn is older than Facebook. Still, it keeps the top place in networking sites for professionals.

  • More than 2 million companies are on LinkedIn. Take the advantage and grow your connection drastically.
  • Put your Biodata and every detail of your experience in your profile.
  • Send an invitation to people of different companies. ‘Link In’ them to your profile. It makes easier to find a job for you.
  • Not only your country, can you send an invitation to any people of any country.
  • Keep it in mind that, this is going to be your professional profile only. So, make sure you have made your profile perfectly.
  • You can add some name of the organization, that you have joined, that makes your credential better.



Your next step should be on twitter. It is a big platform, where you can search for jobs easily. Unlike LinkedIn where “Connections” matter, Facebook has “friends”, here on twitter have “followers”.

  • Communicate with your followers, talk to them freely about work.
  • Follow those company, you want to work. Follow their employees, stay connected with them.
  • Maybe it is not an optimum medium to find a job, but if you have huge followers and connections, there is a possibility.
  • Use @ symbol and # (hashtag) sign to communicate with others.
  • Twitter University is so fast and rapid that your word can spread multiple times over periods of days, weeks and months.


Although writing a resume and send it to different companies through is very tough, so uploading images, your resume in your account is much easier. On LinkedIn, you can easily find the right company and person you want to connect with.

Social media profiles are like art, creating a proper account with resume and details of skills. Research more on these sites, this is the best way for job seekers to job search. Day by day the number of users on social media is increasing, this is the proof that social media is best to create connections.

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Sk Abdul Hannan

After doing 2 to 3 jobs, I found my interest on business in my college life.
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