Stress Management

Stress Management

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Stress management is an unavoidable part of our daily life. It is a healthy people’s physical and mental reaction and a result of excessive pressure or many kinds of social demand placed upon them. It arises when they start worrying about their future or stick to their unexpected past that they can’t cope. Stress is the “wear and tear” our minds and bodies experience as we attempt to cope with our continually dealing with daily problems.

Stress has two effects. One is positive and another is negative. Positive effects of stress can change a man from general to an extraordinary and negative effect of stress can destroy a life. Stress management is a big process, can give you ultimate relief from any kind of pressure or headache.

There are many causes of Stress.

  • Economical Crisis / Problem:

In today’s cruel society, lots of people are suffering from economical Crisis, whether from not getting a job or doing not well in business. For modern globalization process, many people are jobless, many people earn below the level of average income index. Their daily life becomes a war to survive. An economic crisis is giving birth to unemployment, increased workload, stuff reduction, mood disorder, anxiety.

  • Health Problem:

Stress causes many kinds of health diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If a person is not free from any type of diseases, he will be unable to take happiness. Statistics says 99.98% of people are health illiterate and they suffering from various diseases. For that reason, their negative and tensed thought secrets stress hormone. And they forget to relax the mind.

  • Job or Workplace pressure:

In today’s life, the major problem of all is ‘How to get a job?’ For the competition market, every company wants to do well in the market. And thus a company’s all targets are loaded to the jobholders. They must continue their job at least for a minimum income to fulfill their family demand. Many studies showed that the economic crisis was an important stressor that had a negative impact on workers’ mental health. Thus their relationship with their family gets worse.

  • Social Problem:

Some people are seeking to please the society for their political benefit, religious reason or anything. in the pressure to keep else happy ultimately they end up with stress. At a time you cannot please everyone, so don’t even try. Work for yourself and keep yourself happy.

  • Domestic Problem:

Nowadays the domestic issue is one of the major factors of the address. Divorce, sexual matter, property division, lifestyle, relationship, etc are a great issue to collect negative thoughts. Maximum people are captive on the cage.

Statistics says negative stress increases 50% of higher chances of dying. This emergency stress response beat your heart faster, increase the level of Blood Pressure, tan the muscle and respiration to become a more rapid, digestive and reproductive problem, increased aging, and a greater risk of heart problem and stroke, depression, and anxiety also.

Sometimes peoples drive the direction of stress towards positive action. They gained more mental power to accept the challenge, appetite their target. Only a few can achieve their goal from this kind positive effect.

The first responsibility is to take care of and solve the problem, which always damages you physically and mentally. Some steps of stress management which can give you relief from stress:

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  • Control your mind:

The ultimate and trusted steps of stress management are to ‘Control your Mind’. Our mind always fluctuates and changeable. And we are controlled by our mind. The maximum time we suffer from stress because we don’t listen to our voice. If your mind controls you, your decision will be fluctuating and you will not get any positive result. And if you control your mind, you will get a better result. Many problems will solve automatically.

  • Accept any situation from the heart:

Accept any obstacles from your heart whether it is good or bad. Don’t take any decisions with emotions or excitements. Face the problem. You will get many doors to your solution. If you don’t face your problem, it will destroy yourself. Keep patience, your pressure will delete from your mind.

  • Always feel positive:

Your positive thinking always brings in a good result. Feel positive from every corner even in a negative situation. Keep it in mind that every light comes from darkness, Diamond comes from coke mine. Just wait and think positive. You will get your positive results. Read success stories.

  • Keep patience:

Keep patience till you reach at your goal. Don’t lose hope. Don’t leave any target incomplete till to get success even any bad situation. Your success will come.

  • Eat healthy food:

Take proper and healthy food always. Rich food can affect your body and your mind can bring stress. Avoid junk foods, alcohols, and drugs. Any intoxicated food can destroy you physically, mentally and economically.

  • Regular exercise:

Regular exercise, yoga, meditation, etc will improve your stress. It keeps your hormone balanced.

  • Tour:

Tour is one of the best parts of stress management. A tour will take you to the new adventure, new Josh. A new environment can change your mind and soul. Tour is important.

  • Enjoy with your life partner:

The married life can reduce your stress. If both partners co-operate with each other in any situation (whether it is good or bad), maximum stress will remove easily. So enjoy bridal life and keep you happy.


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