Some Inspiration for Kids about school life and success

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

As an ancient says home is our first school, from where we learn how to talk, how to respect elders, how to behave in public and many more. Inspiration for Kids is the lap of a mother is the first step of schooling but as a parent sometimes we are not able to recognize our child’s strength and potential. From the day the kid landed the parent should learn how to treat their child properly, it is not about feeding or raising them but also be a part of their journey to success.

A parent should appropriately encourage them to make a big dream and accomplish their goal. Every parent may have not the economic potential but their words can be greater than a million-dollar investment. A parent should look at their child from the initial stage to recognize their potential and goal. There are some tips to inspire your kids to the greatness from the very first beginning.

Inspiration for kids:

  • Provide opportunity:

By observing your child’s imagination or in order to recognize them in regards to what they can become or who they can be in the future. Observe those little things that your kid is taking interest in, they have to be provided with opportunities; an opportunity to do the things they love. Find out their hidden talent and encourage them. Allow your child to try all kind of sports, classes and extra-curricular activities that they are interested in. But be alert don’t involve them into too many activities forcefully.

Thus they will be able to find out their own choices. You may not be happy or interested in those activities or studies that they are good at, but being a parent it is your duty to be supportive. It can teach them to be confident and self-esteem. In order to teach them greatness and success teach them to be committed. That means when they are doing something tell them to do with all their heart, stick to it and not to give up at any cost.


  • Introduce to Great Role models:

Directly or indirectly always give examples of great personalities such as Rabindra Nath Tagore, APJ Abdul Kalam, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Thomas Edison, Newton and many more or it could be like a real-life hero within your community. Tell them their fables as well as about their failure.

These kinds of influencing stories will help them to lead a positive life towards success. Always be alert about the peers of your kid and get them to involve in some organization that will surround them with positive influences. For a kid the best influence can be their own parent, so always be kind and show your greatness towards your child. Inspiration for kids is their own Parent. Teach them to always help the poor and needy. Prevent them to become a selfish one.


In this world of competition students and kids are facing different types of challenges such as:


  • They are looking for acceptance from their parent when they do something new.
  • Lack of patience toward one’s goals, keep them encouraging.
  • Fear of judgment from others when they doing something innovative or new.
  • When they somehow not do well in their marks sheet, their self-esteem goes down and lose the power to fight back, tell them not to worry as it is part of life, ups, and downs.
  • They are not using social media in a productive way.
  • Pressure from schools, tutors, tests as well as from society to be a successful one. They may get into depressions.


A piece of short advice: every child has the ability to accomplish many things, just they need a little guidance. So, set their goals and motivate them to achieve what they want.

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