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Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Want to start your own business and have no idea what to do? And how? Starting up own business is a dream for every entrepreneur but due to budget or investment, most of the entrepreneur cannot fulfill their dream. Or those who have enough money to invest, most of them get confused about how to start up their business and what it should be. Here you can get some small business ideas.

Tips no.1

The 1st rule of starting up your own business should be, never let others advice overpower your thinking. Yes, there is no harmful effect of listening to others but never get confused with so many ideas. Listen to everyone but do only what your mind says it right. Because in your business only you will be the Boss. So, your decision is vital in every aspect.

Tips no.2

Funding is important. However, your budget is small, though a proper amount is require starting up a business. Sum up your savings or arrange a small amount of loan or cooperative credit society. You can get advice from a charted accountant.

Tips no.3

A good plan is very important for any kind of business. Before investing in something study the market first. Study the requirements of products or services. See your competitors, how they are running the business or what faults of their business are. Take lessons from other faults.

Tips no.4

Always do what you love. If you are not doing what you love or you are not getting interested then your business will fail someday.

New Small Business Ideas

If you feel that you have gained enough idea for starting a business, then you can start anytime from anywhere you are comfortable with. Here are business ideas that are creative and in a small budget.

  • Mobile Recharge/ Repair:

By the time the users of mobile will increase up to 5.5 billion. Due to the demand for digitization, everyone is getting digitalized. So, there is a huge chance of income from mobile repairing and recharge center.

  • Handcrafts and Arts:

If you are good at art or can make good crafts, so, there is a huge chance to make your hobby into your profession. Start a small, at first keep your expenses small. Price it right and try to sell it in fairs to show your talent to most of the people.

To start up any business you have to have some idea, of course, in this business you have to gain idea about interior designing. You can start with small private homes and then big buildings and government buildings. Always keep your design quality good to boost up your income.

  • Food Making:

There is a huge opportunity for women who love to cook and also want to stand on their own feet.  Suppose you are very good at making a cake or pastry. Then take a picture of your cake or pastry then post it on Facebook or any social sites and take orders.

  • Keep Aquarium or Fish:

This is a great business with a very small investment. Just buy a special tank and keep various types of fishes and breed them. Additionally, you can sell air pumps and fish foods. It will increase your net profits. By increasing the number of fishes your business will automatically grow.

  • Pet Business:

There are so many options with the pet to start a small business.

  1. Pet photography.
  2. Dog clothing and accessories.
  3. Pet sitting.
  4. Dog daycare.
  5. Dog obedience training.
  6. Tropical fish and aquarium rentals.
  7. Pet toys.


  • Dance Choreographer:

If you are a good dancer then take a room in rent and start teaching kids or can teach housewives in their free time. And you can also choreograph wedding dances, which is very popular nowadays. But you have to promote your business in various ways.

  • Jewelry Designing:

Jewelry making and jewelry designing is a good career option to choose with a small investment. Take a few days of training and you can start your own. First of all, create a catalog of your own unique designs then sell sheets in various jewelry shops with wholesale pricing details.

  • Nursery and Gardening:

It is a great business with a very small investment. If you love gardening or plants, so, it will be a great career choice for you. Simultaneously you can sell gardening tools such as fertilizers, tub, seeds, and small shrubs.

  • Tutoring:

Tutoring is a great business if you are educated enough. Try to start up with your prior subject. You can promote among some school students about your subject. All you just need a whiteboard and marker. Do not price your rate high. It will take time to raise the number of students.

  •  Computer Trainer:

There are so many students and seniors want to learn computer. How to use the computer and internet is a big mystery to many seniors. You can start by teaching your neighbors. Then slowly spread your business by promoting it.

  •  Massage Therapist:

Usually, there is no certificate is needed to run this business. If you have basic knowledge about health or you can do a small course on it and start your business. You could take a small clinic or by start by giving service home to home.


  •   Personal Chef:

There are so many people out there, lives alone and have no time for themselves to cook. They usually like to spend money on someone, who can cook for them. You can make your own way a unique, by offering them special services.

  • lactose-free diet or egg-free meal.
  • Vegetarian dishes.
  • special meals for their any diseases, they have.
  •  Laundry Services:

If you want to start any business without having any special skills or home-based businesses. This is one you can start. Giving good services will keep your customer stick to you. You just need something like:

  • Keep track of your sales and expenses.
  • Establish your charge.
  • Decide how the payment will process.
  • You can create your own website to take orders.

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