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Product Demonstration: A big part of Marketing

product demonstration
Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Product demonstration is a big portion to grow a business fast. It helps customer to understand the importance of the product not only physically, but also psychologically. Product demonstration fills the requirement of customer. It attracts the customer mentally to buy the product. In this modern era of business the company whose product demonstration is more attractive, the sales and the turnover of that company will be higher. Here are some tips to increase your product demonstration thus improvement of your business.


  1. Arrange a seminar/ customer meet:

At the very beginning to sale, the product arranges some seminar or a customer meet for the salesman (directly into the market or in a retail store). Behavior towards customers is very important. Greet them welcome and tell them the importance and intentions of today’s seminar.


  1. What is your intention?

Put your intention of arranging the seminar in front of audiences and customers. Let the audience think about the services and product that why they did not get such product till now. Tell them about your product default also, If there any. Assure your customer that they will not face any problem in future. Briefly describe your company’s aim in the future. In this case, you can show them a slide show or power point program.


  1. Why this product?

Explain why you are launching this product. For example, if you are launching any health product then tell the permanent solutions of the diseases what they did not get till now in other products. Or for any technical type of product, you can explain the unawareness of such product till now. Technically we will be moving forward by this product. In short, you have to put all the small points that customer/ audience will get mentally, physically and economically progress by your company.


  1. Briefly discuss your product :

Till now you have told the benefits of your product. Now put the key points of your product in front of them. You can show a video presentation or you can directly approach. Discuss the component your product has and its benefits and validity. How your product is unique and beneficial than other products? Tell them the differences.


  1. Give a product demo:

It’s a big part of the Sale. To grab the attention of audiences/customers, there is no such way than giving them a product demo. If your product is a health product or food product give the customers a sample product. If it is an electronic one then, show them a live demo of the product. if it’s a service type or software product, show them a video or powerpoint presentation. In case of educational product show the job connections online to the audiences. Thus the customer will get satisfaction towards your product.


  1. Closing:

At the end give your ending speech by congratulating them or talk to some interesting customers/ audience.  Assure them about after-sales service and give commitments about products. Give your customers a pre-booking offer and collect some data. Assure them in coming days your services and solutions will be better.


Importance of product demonstration

Product demonstration system increases the imagination power in customers. Customers will start to trust your product. a small initiation of product demonstration will increase the love of customers which directly or indirectly raise the sales of your company. To keep the level of your company high the relationship between you and customer should be good, product demonstration helps in such things.


“Persuasion is clearly short of demonstration since we are most fully persuaded when we consider a thing to have been demonstrated.”


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