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Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

In interviews, good outfit as important as your preparations for the interview. Before you say one word to the interviewer, your outfit says a lot about you. Your dressing up is the reflection of your thinking and your personality. It is very important to maintain a neat and clean outfit for job interviews.

So, what is the best outfit to wear on an interview? You must dress up to impress the interviewer. The dresses are very much depending on what type of job or company you are interviewing with.


  • Professional Interview Outfit for Men:

The first judgment your interviewer will make on you totally depends on the outfit you wear. There are lots of misconceptions that men don’t need to get ready too much. But this is wrong. There are lots of things a man should include in their wardrobe.

Generally, in an interview, everyone wants to look very professional. Professional dresses mean a suit jacket and slacks with a shirt and a pant.  A suit means a matching jacket and a pant. The tie should be matched with socks. A light-colored shirt with a dark-colored suit will be the best option to look the best.

There are lots of options:-

  • Light-colored jackets and pants – a light color khaki shirt or a deep color blazer with a light color shirt make a man look perfect. A khaki blazer is less harsh than a coat.
  • A sweater and button-down – in winter, a sweater whether it is black, grey or white is a great combination with black color paint. It makes you smarter.
  • A navy blue blazer – navy blue is color that suited everyone, it is a touch of class and elegance. It can be worn with a tie or without a tie, which makes no such differences.
  • Stylist tie – tie can be very interesting. Whatever color you choose to wear, it gives a classy look.






What not to wear:

  • Never wear too bright color for an interview.
  • Do not wear sneakers or flip-flops.
  • Do not wear too heavy blazers with t-shirts.
  • Use a light perfume.
  • Do not be very casual, maintain professionalism.



  • Professional Interview Outfit for Women:

Whether it is men or women, for a professional interview a neat and clean dress is a must. But when it is a woman there are lots of questions about what to wear, how to wear? Dressing for success is the first step in an interview. If you are worried about what to wear in an interview, you should keep in mind that your look must be polished and elegant.

There are so many outfits for job interviews options for women:-

  • A navy blue blazer combination – this is the most simple and versatile attire for women for an interview.
  • White, pink or blue shirt with button-down- button-down shirt is smarter, but this should be modest.
  • A blouse with a bow and skirt- a blouse with a skinny waist belt elegant look is everything a woman wants.
  • A khaki mix and match suit- a light color khaki suit is an elegant look with a pencil skirt.
  • A black dress and tight- black dress with a tight is a smart look. The tight should be very fine with a good texture.
  • Sweater and black dress pant- in winter a black classic pant and a tight sweater give an elegant look to a woman. Or you dress it up with a black blazer.
  • A v-neck sweater and slacks- a v-neck blouse or a sweater is enough for a versatile look. You can wear black jeans or any tight slacks.

What not to wear:

  • Do not wear too-short skirts.
  • Avoid wearing flip-flops.
  • Never go for to makeup.
  • Do not wear too-tight jeans or any pants.
  • Never wear a deep cut blouse that can show cleavage or belly.


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