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Stop feeling nervous while starting your new Job

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Getting nervous at a new job is very obvious for everyone. This is something we all experience at some point. This can cause tension, anxiety, sleepless night and all. For introvert people, it is very hard to face such situations. The place is unknown the colleagues will be unknown, so what? Who is not scared of unknown things? Let’s face it, and show everyone what you can do.

There are so many questions moving around your head, such as

  • How things will be done?
  • Everyone is unknown, whom to talk first?
  • How the boss will be? Is he too strict?
  • Where to go for a coffee?
  • How hard to be friendly with others?

Let’s make it easy for you. Think these things differently, new office, new colleagues, a new job means you are constantly learning new things. Congratulations! You are going to have a new world to explore. Take this chance and show what you are made for, show your best version.

There are a few steps I am going to discuss in this article.

  1. Wake up early in the morning:

Waking up early and meditate – is a great solution to rid of any kind of tension. Have a healthy breakfast to keep you fit all day. For this, you have to make sure to set an alarm just a night before. Pack your bag and necessary papers the night before of the first day.

Another benefit of being early in the morning is you will have enough time getting ready. You do not have to rush for a train or bus. Rushing for transportation is a headache. You should not start you by doing so.

  1. Prepare a mental introduction:

To start anything new, mental preparation is very important. If you are not mentally prepare everything can be messed up within a few moments. Talk to yourself; prepare your introduction that how you are going to introduce yourself to your new colleagues. Keep it in mind that not to reveal about you everything in just first introduction.

  1. Dress up well:

Unless you are provided by a dress code, you should think deeply about your dress on the first day. A good dressing is the first thing to notice in someone. It is the first way to impress everyone. Dressing up well does not mean that you have put on lots of makeup or heavy dresses. You just have to keep your dress neat, clean and sober. It will be best to wear professionally.

  1. Always be on time at the office:

Be at the proper time, it will impress your boss or your colleagues more. To be professional you have to be on time. A professional person always maintains their timing, because they know, to be successful in life, it is necessary to be disciplined.

  1. It is OK to be not knowing everything:

Never try to show off. It will definitely harm your career later. Being a human, it is very obvious no one can know everything in their life time. You have already cleared the biggest exam that is you got your job. Now it is time to make you more perfect.

Just concentrate on your work; slowly you will get to know everything. Surrender yourself in front of your seniors, if you do not anything, just ask them politely. Be on your best behavior.

  1. Remember what you will actually be doing:

Before starting your work, just look at your work schedule and description of your job, to remind yourself of your responsibility. Without knowing your responsibilities, you will not be able to do your job properly.

Think about the reason what made you have this job. Always remember there is a reason that you are hired for. You have the potential to be at this position today, so make yourself proud. As they believed in you, you have to keep believing yourself too. Just remember your mistake on the first day on the job, can spoil your career.

  1. Do not forget that, you are not going to be new forever:

New things, the new place are scary- it is obvious. But think about other employees they were new at a time. But now look at them, they are so comfortable now. Keep patience and have faith in yourself, you can do it too. Keep aside your fear and be open to talk to others. Get to know about your office from other colleagues.

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Sk Abdul Hannan

After doing 2 to 3 jobs, I found my interest on business in my college life.
From then I was in a Professional Business. I have gathered 13 years of experience in Business Sales, Marketing, Operation, and Management. Today most of the people are frighten to decide their career in Job or Business. This site is a gift for them. Here you can get A-Z Guide & Support for any Business and Jobs.

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