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Make Money as an Interior Designer or Decorator

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

 Are you confused that how to start your Interior Designing Business or as a home decorator? Or might have thinking asking yourself, is that a profitable business or not? Let me clear your confusion. You can earn a lot from this business, much more than you are thinking.

This will take time to set an earning in a big position, as the growth and the marketing of interior designing is a time taking process. There may be lots of questions are moving in your head. And this is obvious when someone starting a business. Do not get nervous, have faith in your hard work. In this article, I am trying my best to make you understand about business.

Marketing is the best way to give a boost to your business.


Few steps to launch your interior designing Business:

To start Interior business you have to research the market very carefully. Choose the best quality of some items like antique furniture refurbishing, decorating artificial flowers, basement remodeling, ceramic tiles, etc. Collect some unique ideas from the market and to make your work unique. And get involved in the digital platform to improve your business.

  • Know your clients:

In every business, it is very important to know the demand of customers or what they want for their home decoration. This is directly connected to what kind of business you should start.

Once you are done with your research, you can finally work on your customer demand.

  • Make a unique logo:

To start up and get more customer you must have your website. Aftermarket research and knowing your customer demand focus to decorate your business by making it more professional. A logo is very important, thus you will have your professional brand.

You can make a logo from any logo maker app or can take any professional’s help. The logo must have relevance to your brand identity. Thus when will you start marketing and remarketing, people will see your logo everywhere in ads.

  • Offer your business initial free or for trial:

At the initial stage of your work try to give service at free to new customers. And show them your best performance. These satisfied customers will automatically return to you next time and tell others to have your service.

You sell furniture and other necessary products for interior, those customers will definitely buy them from you.


So, how to get the best clients?

Finding good clients is not so easy these days. It needs a lot of effort, a hardworking team, and good marketing.

  • Set up a Website:

In this digital world, almost every person is attached to the internet, take benefits of it. Set up a website, in case you can hire a freelancer or an agent to set this up. But making a website is not the target. You have to keep it updated with new ideas and new designs. And of course, give basic information about your business and how you work. Such as:

  • Give information about your team.
  • Provide information about the services you offer to your customers.
  • Photos and galleries of your own work are very important, to grab customers.
  • Give contact information that customer easily contacts you.


  • Set up social presence:

Social media is the strongest way to promote any business nowadays. After making a website your job is not done yet. You have to keep promoting your business on social media. Social media like Facebook, linkdIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp are the most common and widely used media. Keep taking advantage of it and make your friend zone and followers a huge. Without friends, followers, and fans social media is nothing.

Even there are many options to grab a huge amount of followers by promoting your business by facebook business or by running ads.

You have to keep sharing significant content, and most importantly the photos, texts, and videos of your work. Share relevant and informative contents every day.


Blogging is one of the best weapons to share your knowledge with others. Other than photos and galleries of your work, you must write blogs or you can hire a content writer. So, what should be a topic? You must be thinking right now.

There are lots of topics you can choose, just for examples

  • Write about different types of quality of plywoods.
  • Different rates and DIY s about the false ceiling and home interior.
  • Where to find the best products for the interior such as lighting, candle stand or you can suggest city names.


  • Use YouTube:

YouTube is the best source where you can easily spread your work. If you are not a good writer, you can take the help of YouTube. Make good quality of videos of your work, your designs and everything then uploads it on YouTube to spread your work.

Show them some of your decorated flat or home, it will help you more. When you start a new prospect, you can make a video of it and send your subscribers those links to grab more customers.

Try to maintain the good quality of your work, and show it to your visitors. They will see everything and thus conversion can increase.

  • Distribute Flyers:

It’s a great way to grab more local customers. In those flyers don’t forget to put your logo, your photos of designs and arts.

Thus you can get a huge amount of customers.


For better results, you can try more ideas such as Email Marketing, explore big events. Always try to impress your customers by well behave and maintaining a good quality of work.

So, basically Interior Designing Business is a good choice to start a career.


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Sk Abdul Hannan

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