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Interview Skills: Your First Step for Success

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Interview Skills is a systematic communication between a candidate and an interviewer. The target of an interviewer is to select a dedicated, responsible and smart candidate for the job. It is a chance for a job candidate, to impress his interviewer by his dedication, potential, and ability. The interview is an important stage for a job candidate. There are some important steps and formality, which turns an ordinary conversation to a professional conversation. In addition, to manage a company some professional techniques are required. In our schools or colleges, we do not get to learn those techniques. We must practice some techniques, it will be very easy to get a job.

  • Try to speak non-verbal:

Try to speak some non-verbal words. Actually, our language is verbal. You do not have to use lots of words, your attitude is enough. This is non-verbal communication. Shake your hand with your interviewer with a very cool and positive mind. Keep your eye-contact straight and stand steadily. Your attitude is enough to impress your interviewer.


  • Maintain your dress code:

For any type of interview, casual dress or fashionable dresses are not allowed. In job interviews, professional dresses are preferable and impressive. Choosing a professional dress is very easy. A simple and light color shirt with a deep color pant. For a shirt with deep color choices to wear a light color pant. A professional shoe must.


  • Listen very carefully:

Always listen to your interviewer very carefully. In a hurry to give an answer never skip any question of your interviewer. In other words, to understand the question directly or indirectly of your interviewer. Listening very carefully is a part of good communication or Interview Skills.


  • Do not over speak:

Be punctual with yourself. Do not try to be over smart. Above all try to give an answer according to the question. Say very few sentences with clear words.


  • Do not try to familiar:

The interview should be professional. Never try to be familiar with your interviewer. However, do not try to persuade the interviewer. For instance, try to build up a relationship with your interviewer. Not like their family members, be professional.


  • The presentation should be proper and with correct language:

Do not take your interviewer as a friend. Above all, they want to see your attitude and skills. Try to be professional.  In addition, speak with positive vibration, energy, and enthusiasm. Do not use any type of slung or regional language. In other words, develop your communication skills.


  • Do not show overconfident:

Your body language and your attitude is the key to a successful interview. Similarly, there should be a balance in every step. Similarly, maintain your confidence and professionalism. Never do anything overconfidently. In addition, show your demonstrating skills.


  • Be careful with your every answer

Every interviewer wants to see your common sense with every answer. They do not want to see your apparent good face for the moment. They notice your natural behavior. And for that, they start to ask tricky questions. In addition, give logic and examples with your answers. For instance, if you fail to answer any question a negative impression will be built.


  • Ask questions:

In many cases at the end interviewer wants to know if there is any question from your side. Most of the candidate does not want to face that state and skip. Never do that. It’s your right to ask any questions. Ask about the company. Naturally, you can ask how the interview was with you? Tell them how much you are thinking about the company. Above all, the interviewer will notice your dedication and passion. Do not ask too many questions.


  • Never be desperate:

Never show desperateness. It will give a negative impression on your interviewer. The interviewer can feel that being a jobholder you may sometime take a wrong decision. Thus they may judge you through your interview skills.


  • Never request:

Never utter the word ‘Sir’ repeatedly. Do not say ‘please’ again and again. After that, the interviewer will take it negatively.



You know that you want a job. Trust me, interviewer, too know that you need a job. However, the best way is to answer every question with full of confident and common sense. Therefore, it will be very impressive.


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