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5 Things to Do Before You Start Blogging

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Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

If you ask yourself, “why do I want to start blogging?”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The following could be your possible answers:

  • Just like that
  • I love writing
  • love to share my knowledge
  • I think it’s an easy way to make money
  • It’s “in” right now

If the last point is your reason to start a blog, let me tell you, this isn’t a trend anymore. It’s definitely reaching the peak, but people no more do this for fun.

Blogging is a wonderful process to earn money from home. In a survey, it is found that 9% make between $1,000 and $10,000  per month and 4% make over $10,000 per month. But most of them are making less than $3.50/day.  The age of these blogs is less than 2 years.

What is a blog? It is actually a website in itself that is meant to provide information through interactive articles.

Every time when a student has to research for his project, he opens Google. If you plan to buy something for the first time, you check features and reviews on Google. The websites that the search engine provides to people who have information are all mostly blogs.

Now, the user is never going to scan through the whole page. He or she will open the first result. Only if he’s not satisfied, he opens the next one.

How to Start Blogging?

You’ll surely want more and more people to read what you write, even if you’re doing it for fun. Let me tell you, you’ve got to invest a serious amount of time to get to the top. It actually takes a lot of things to get to the top. However, I’ll mention only 5 things that you need to do before you even start writing.

  1. Know Your Audience:

    Well, that takes research. Your forte might be in technology. Now, if you want to share your knowledge on that, first see what your reader is actually willing to know. Rather, as a Blogger you have to see what most of them want to know. Do they want something short & sweet or do they want detailed information? This will help you choose your topics for blogging.

  2. Do Your Research Well:

    Nowhere, I’m talking about the content. When you know your topic, you look for the best keywords and the top 10 articles on them. As a Blogger you might know what to share, but you need to know what your competitors have done so far too. See what got them to the top and what are the flaws they overlooked.

  3. Plan Your Layout:

    Your user-interface has to be very easy and friendly to use. When someone opens your website, only to find a plain white page with simple black text, do you expect him to stay? Of course not! You need an interesting theme, some colorful pictures, and big fonts. It should be easy to navigate and search for more content in your blog.

  4. Build-Up Your Strategy:

    You don’t just write and hit publish! If you really want an audience, you need to plan how you can promote your content to reach out to them. See where you can interact with people, get links to your blog and how will you keep people engaged to your blog page the whole time. Once you find your platforms, be it Quora or Facebook, plan how your article will be engaging and how you’ll add links on other pages to your content.

  5. Be Ready for a Full-Time Job:

    Being a blogger is going to take all your time. Don’t think you can do something else parallelly because there’s a lot to do before and after you publish your content. Remember, once you have readers, there’s no turning back.

I just briefed you with the most important things that need to be in your mind to become a successful blogger. There’s a lot more to do once you’re into the business. Original, good quality content and effective digital marketing will take your blog to the top.

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