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How to Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Are you struggling to promote your business or don’t know marketing? Here is good news for you, now you can promote your business all over the world without going outside of your home. Yes! It is possible; in the world of digitization, everything is possible. business promotion is very important for any business to grow. Promoting business on social media is becoming a trend day by day.

Whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumbler, everyone is moving towards social media to promote their business. The power of social media is not unknown to everyone in today’s date.

Social media is a great platform for businessmen/women to get connected with prospects and customers. There are also some businessmen, who grow and spread their business only on social media.

Some basics of social media promotions:

  • Identify your objects.
  • Choose your platform.
  • Build your profile.
  • Create a posting schedule.
  • Build followers.

Some benefits of having business promotions on social media.

  • Businesses and customers can interact directly.
  • Both parties can post each other’s content and can build a good relationship.
  • You will get a broad platform to sell your products.
  • Through promotions, you can spread your own brand.
  • By the process of remarketing you can increase your sell.

So, here are some tips to promote your business,

  • Choose the right platform:

There is no limit to sharing your content on a social media site. The numbers of social media sites are increasing daily. But choosing the right platform to share your content is very important. Before choosing the platform, you should consider your customer and business. The first step of business promotion.

It is important to create an account first. Target your audiences, with whom you want to create connections.

Do some research before creating an account and gather ideas about which site is best for your business? Your targeted audience should be a basis for the people who are interested in your product or your business.

  • Create a proper schedule:

A proper schedule will give you the goal to post proper content. You have to create significant content, as last-minute of making content can lead you to make a low-quality content.

The content should be related to your business and product. Maintain a schedule to post your content. And keep engaging audiences to your posts.

  • Find a social media manager:

Managing multiple social media for business purpose is somehow difficult. So, before posting, sending a friend request and raising followers you should sign-up on a social media manager.

It allows you to manage your sites to promote or post your contents. Thus you do not have to have to seat over a day.

  • Find friends and followers:

Finding friends and followers is one of a crucial part of social media. You can use keywords to find followers. That makes easy to reach target peoples.

The easiest sites are twitter and Facebook. By commenting on others post, which is related to your business is a good way to find followers. By paying on Facebook ads and Google ads you can reach to more people. Facebook page is a great source to engage people on your posts.

  • Share videos and pictures:

Sharing videos and pictures of your work, business and services are good ideas to promote your business. Your followers will get to see your work and products, thus the circle of your customer will increase.

It will help to engage people more. Sharing videos will increase the excitement among the people and business promotion.

  • Do not over Promote:

Over promoting can hurt your business drastically. You must create contents that people will actually enjoy. But promoting or advertising too much can irritate those people, who are on your friends and followers list.

Promoting your business is Ok on a regular basis, once a day. But should mention your brand name with it.


Social media is a strong way to find a job also. A very good platform for Jobseekers.

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