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How to improve your Sales

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Sales are a process of selling any kind of materials, services, pieces of advice to others directly or indirectly. A man who sales is known as Salesman or Businessman and whom they sales are known as buyer or customer. Today’s digital system has many media for sale. A company’s or businessman’s turnover and profit depend on their sale. The turnover and profit is proportion to the sale of that company has. In this discussion, we are going to discuss how to improve your selling skill to increase your business.

  1. Satisfy your customer:

The first step of selling is to satisfy your customer directly or indirectly. The most important thing when you are directly selling something tries to have a smiley face to grab the attention of your customer. Never argue with your customer rather you have to pay attention to the customer’s need. Explain the quarries in a proper way and relate it to reality. Try to assure your customer that you are solving his problem and try to adjust the price with their demand.

Give advertisement (online and offline) sharply showing the good qualities of the product according to the need of the people.


  1. Listen to the customer:

Always listen to your customer’s demand carefully. Try to build your product and service within the customer’s capacity. Never interfere while the customer is talking, rather you can add your words thereafter presenting the solution for them. Therefore the customer will give you priority. Arrange your demonstration according to the body language and attention of the customer.


  1. Do your work attentively:

Making a customer happy is not the ending of your work. When the customer is getting prepare mentally to purchase the product, treat them as a special customer. Complete the billing and make the product ready and ask whether any or product is needed or not. Never make your customer wait for too long otherwise they will get irritated.


  1. Product demonstration:

First of all, know the basic need of the customer and show them 2-3 products with high quality. Never go for selling the product immediately, you have to sale the benefits of that product. The benefit of the product means the specifications, features, after sale service, quality of the product. Try to make your customer understand in easy language. For better result give them a demo or test drive (for cars). Make your customer understand that the price is not so high and show them the differences between your company and other companies. Explain the positive points of your company.


  1. Know your field of interest and skills:

A customer always prefers those salesmen with better knowledge. Increase your knowledge about the product. Explain, why your product is better than other companies through your knowledge. It’s your skill to take your product to the limelight.


  1. Make your closing better:

You will not get commission until the customer buys the product. So, make sure the product is purchasable for the customer or not. Complete the paperwork easily within a short time and congratulate your customer after buying the product. Show them the exchange benefits and tell about the bonus.


  1. Built a strong relationship with the customer:

After buying your product congratulate your customer. Register their phone number to give them service from time to time. Call your customer time to time and take updates on whether there is any problem or not. Greet them in time of their anniversary, birthday or on any special day. Keep it in mind that, selling the product is not business, making a good relationship is one.


“To build a long team, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship.”

-Particia Fripp.

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