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Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Today in this digital market many companies or Pvt/ public sectors spreads all over the world. Thus many vacancies are available. In today’s market, you have to prepare yourself for different types of quality to fit in any kind of job. At a time people were only looking for a government job.

But nowadays people also do their private job as the same professionalism as a government job. Now you have to have that potential to get a job. In this article, I am going to discuss some tips that can help you to get various options for jobs.

The skill given below is to guide you and prepare the inner you to ready for any kind of job. There are some soft skills that make you stronger from inside and out. Before giving an interview or apply for any type of job, if you develop these skills, it will be easier to handle the situation and your interviewer will be very happy to recruit you.


Soft Skills or Employability Skills:

An employer does not look for only the academic background of the candidate. They also look for some soft skills or employability skills. Which our academic institute does not teach us. Many companies give more priority to the soft skill other than an only academic degree. Your relation to other job holders improves your traditional thinking. Thus make a work efficiency quality in you.

     1.Communications Skill:

First of all, you have to be a very good communicator. A face to face conversation or verbal communication should be very healthy and positive the non-verbal communication such as your body language, the attitude must be very high quality that everyone feels comfortable while talking to you. Give up your anger, ego, and ignorance of others. You have to be a good listener to solve any kind of problem.


     2. Emotional Intelligence:

You have to learn how to make your work out by others through understanding their emotion. In addition, you have to understand their feeling and love for their work. As long as you can get to attach with people’s mind you can learn more and understand them. 


   3. Influencing Skill Negotiation:

You have to build a negotiate quality to face any problem and to motivate others. A person with a good quality of speaking capability can handle any type of tough situation. Though its a tough job for introverts, to get a job one must have a good skill of negotiation. 


     4. Team Working:

You have to build a good team working capability. Thus you can formally or informally complete your teamwork positively in proper time. Teamwork is such an outstanding way that, any kind of job can be done in fractions of time. 

But, the main trick is to maintain your team. You have to understand them to make your work done. There can many tough situations, but you always have to keep your mind calm, to handle the situation peacefully. 


     5. Conflict Management and Meditation:

An associate must have to meditate properly to manage any kind of conflict in the workplace. Conflict management is such a thing that you have to learn it from your own, it is nothing but the peace of your mind, that lead you to handle any difficult situations. 

  • Accommodating.
  • Avoiding conflicts.
  • Collaborating all colleagues or employees.
  • Compromise rather getting into conflict.
  • Competing. 

These are some tricks and ways to manage conflict in the workplace. This skill can lead you a long way throughout your life and will definitely make an easy way to get a job.

      6. Decision Maker:

You have to be a quick decision-maker to take any big and correct decision. If you are mature enough to do a job, you are mature enough to take a decision for your own too. Self-dependent is the main part of being an employee or a jobholder. 

Know your job, a get into it clearly. Because this is the only way that you can show others how capable you are to get a job and maintain it too.


     7. Reliable and Dependable:

To be a reliable person is very important. You have to be very organized and time-effective. Self-regulation and self-management are very important to be a faithful person. Try to motivate yourself and develop your creative thinking power.

     8. Hunger of Learning:

To get a job and stay in a job, you have to have a desire for learning. To learn a new thing, new techniques are important. This ability of learning can help you to change your personal your key to your development is you, yourself.

      9. How To Get a Job:

Sitting at home with big degrees is not the solution. Above all, develop your skills. Give applications to many companies as per your choice. 


      10. Job Websites:

Companies of today’s market give their advertisement as per their requirement on the internet. Keep searching at their website regularly. And find out your quality and improvement according to the post. Make a professional CV and upload to the job website. After that, those companies will contact you via message or mail.


    11. Jobs in The Newspaper:

Not only in India, all over the world is newspaper the best medium to search for jobs. Approximately every company gives their advertisement in newspapers. Similarly, you can search for different job classified advertisements in regional newspapers. Some popular newspaper in India is:

  1. The Times of India
  2. The Hindu
  3. Indian Express
  4. The Telegraph


      12. Recruitment Agency:

There are many agents who tie-up with different companies/ Pvt Sector/ Public sector/ government sector. They help others for job placement to national and international companies. Many people got a job with the help of them. But be careful about these agencies, sometimes they demand high charge. Get the proper information before dealing with such agencies. Otherwise, there are lots of ways to get a job. You just need to have the correct information.

Above all, do not let others ruin your future, decide your own that what you have to do in your life and prepare yourself by having those above tricks in you. This kind of tricks and inner preparation is not in any school or college syllabus. You have to learn your own.


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Sk Abdul Hannan

After doing 2 to 3 jobs, I found my interest on business in my college life.
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