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Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Event management is a million-dollar industry, whose demand is increasing day by day. Every year, everyday events are hosted daily. There are so many opportunities to be an event manager and build a career. Event management is a fast-growing career option for this generation.

Organizing a perfectly decorated, well-conducted and well-planned event requires some knowledge and lots of experience which involves:

  • Visualize the concept.
  • Target your audiences.
  • Planning is very important.
  • Limit your budget.
  • Works on the shows, seminar, exhibition, theme parties, functions, etc.

There are so many questions can arise on your mind that,

  1. What are the basic requirements to be an event manager?
  2. What will be earning?
  3. How to plan or how to start?
  4. Where to start?
  5. How to promote your business?

In this article, I am going to discuss all these things with you.

  1. The skills you need to have:

There is a lot of skills anyone should have, to start event management such as great energy to work hard, communication & writing skills (public relation), and the skill to manage people, leadership skill, motivation, time management, patience and last but not the least a great organizational skill.

Without these skills, it will be hard to manage an event. A strong network is very important, at any time if you face any problem the connections with people will help you a lot to overcome. It is group work, so each and every people of your team are important, and to manage them your patience is important.



  1. The qualification you need:

There is no such specific qualification is needed for the job of event management. Anyone have these above skills can start their career. A man with a great organization skill and the team can organize any non-corporate job.

However, by the time you grow your experience, your quality of work will increase automatically. Even with experience in sales/ marketing a person can also start their career as an event manager.

There are some courses you can complete such as relationship management, human resource management, agreement negotiating, marketing, etc.

  1. How to become an event planner:

To start your career you can join any event management company or an institute to gain knowledge about this field. The advantage of joining any institute is you will be certified event marketing professional. You will get more ideas and guidance from some experts too.

Though certification is not so important, the main thing is you can get knowledge, training and work experience. You will get the chance to start your career from any event management company. But you should keep it in mind that not every company organizes every type of events. Some companies organize an only corporate event, some organize fashions, etc.

To be an event manager is one of the toughest jobs one can have. Working hard is the only way, whether in sun, rain or anything.

     4. Get hands-on Experience:

Experiences are the most precious thing one can have for their career. Apart from classroom studies, experiences are very important to plan an event.

Try to involve by helping others in events like parties, wedding, company meetings. Starts with small, and make it large.

Some tips to follow:

  1. Before the event makes good coordination with vendors, caterers, equipment providers. Listen to your client and understand them.
  2. During the event, is the most important part to play carefully. Make sure everything is going smoothly.
  3. After the event, your duty is not still over. Try to ask and collect their experience and reviews from them.

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