Why most of the people failed in Life?

Why Most of the People Failed in Life? Journey to Success from Failure

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Failures are the main reason for frustration nowadays. Every person comes to the world with a dream, with a dream to be successful. Some of them want to be a doctor some of them wants to be a teacher or some of them just dream big to be a billionaire. In a survey, it is shown that 1 out of 1000 people get their dreams to come true, and the left 999 people are stays as ordinary people.

Everyone in this world tries hard to fulfill their dream, but most of them failed to reach their desired position. Blaming the fate or many excuses they said goodbye to this World. But if that person could have followed some strategy might get successful. If you want to get the success you must be erased off these faults from your life immediately:

  1. Make a plan which can relate to reality:

In the way of our journey from failures to success, we all make plans to become successful, some of them try to mimic others, which is the most dangerous decision one can make to their life. Sometimes we make the wrong decision under pressure of society, friends, parents, and the plan goes in vain. We all know our own strong point and the weak point as well and what kind of job suits us better. Keep it in mind that people get success from their inner strength.

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others:

In this world of the huge population, every single person is different from each other. But we don’t think about this simple point when we are taking any decision. It is good to follow someone but it is worse to mimic one. Following a successful person, it does not mean that you have to be like him, you just have to take some grammar, which can help you to go forward. So, never compare yourself with others.

  1. Finding the motivation to go forward:

The person is always busy doing their own work has no time to get motivational speech. But you are always seeking motivated, those words of motivation may work for some time but then, in reality, you will face the problem. If a person gets motivation from their own work there is no such better option to get success.

Just think you can get success from your own work, you will not have to depend on other people. Think about those people who are in the worst position than you. You are in a far better position than yesterday. So, try hard, you will definitely get a way to success. Read success Stories and motivate yourself.

  1. Listening to other persons:

Listening to others is a big problem in today’s society. We love to listen to common peoples’ advice. But we don’t find out the struggle or the achievement the person have, we just blindly trust them and believe that what they say. Some people even our close relatives, give advice as they are the Supreme Court themselves. Trust yourself, analyze yourself, and know yourself.


  1. Keep your patience:

If you are impatience and not have enough patience to see the end you will definitely go to fail. In starting of any work we show very excitement but when the work stays long we keep losing our patience. The lack of patience pushing us towards vein. It says the number of fails an unsuccessful man have, a successful man has many numbers of failures.

But those successful people get lessons from the failures and move forward. In this process, anyone can be a champion. So, have the courage to be failed and learn from them and be a successful one. But you can’t give up anymore my friend.


  1. Setting too many goals at the same time:

If you set too many goals in front of you, it will be difficult to reach your desired place. Goal Setting is a major part of Success. You can’t eat and drive simultaneously, so you have to do them at a different time. To do so many works together your energy is getting waste and thus you may have to pay for this.



Take your mind as a mirror and see the inner strength, and work for the weakness. Getting success is a matter of time only.


“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” – Napoleon Hill.



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