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Earn above $39000 per Year from Freelancing

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

What is Freelancing?

There are some similar terms that are related to work situations. Such terms are freelancer, telecommuter, and contractor which are different in some terms.
The one, who offers clients his services and is a person of self-employed nature, is known as a freelancer. These services can be offered directly or through any businesses.
A freelancer could provide most of the services that are required by businesses. Some of the opportunities for freelancing are:

1. Marketing.


3.Web Design/Development.

4.  Accounting/Bookkeeping.

5.Project Management.

6.Graphic Design.

7.Real Estate Assistant.

8.Social Media Manager.

9. PPC copywriter.


11. Virtual Assistant.

  • Income from freelancing:

The skills we can offer, the experience we have, and the market we are targeting in, helps in denoting our freelance income. Generally, we can see the freelancers earning from $10 to $75 per hour according to their skills. Works such as accounting or encoding requires more skills in education or experience, hence paying is also high than those works which do not require many skills.

How people are earning through freelancing?

The work can be found on freelance websites and we can use the networking channel to find our first client. Some points we should keep in mind for freelance business are:

1) Decide on the services we want to offer:

We have to decide first that either we want to generalize on some topics or specialize in a particular one. For example, we can be simple a manager of Pinterest marketing, which is a specialization topic, or we can also offer on many platforms, social media management, which is a generalized topic.

2) Online portfolio creation:

We have to build a profile which will promote the things that we want to offer. For this purpose, we can use many websites such as LinkedIn, Portfoliobox, Squarespace and Journo Portfolio, etc.

3) Target market determination:

We have to determine the targeted group of segment or people, whom we want to offer our products and services. For this, we have to decide our brand and unique selling proposition, and also that if we want to focus on an industry that is specific in nature.

4) Marketing of our services:

To grow our business, we have to attract clients and for that, there are many low cost and freeways for the marketing of our freelance business. For this, we can opt for many options such as free consultation offering, marketing through email, social media networking, and referral asking.

5) Rate deciding:

While being attractive to clients and at the same time getting the amount what we are worth is a balance of setting the right price. We can charge for our project in hourly basis, many freelance projects are of one-off types that are a limited project of a single time, where the client may ask for an estimate of the total payment for the work.

Freelancers can also have ongoing clients, who pay them a regular rate or retainer. Example: For a blog of $400 per month, freelance writing might write eight new articles or if $200 is paid for working a month, a virtual assistant can provide 10 hours of work.

Websites for freelancing jobs:

Below listed, there are some websites which are best for General Freelance Jobs:

  •  Upwork
  •  FlexJobs
  • ServiceScape
  • Guru
  • CloudPeeps
  • College Recruiter
  • SolidGigs
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed

Freelancing too has some pros and cons which describes that freelancing might be for some people their favorite or lovely lifestyle, while for others it might be not the right job. So, it varies from person to person whether freelancing is a good option for them or not.

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