Conflict Management

Conflict Management Strategies

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Where there are more than one people working together, Conflict Management is important as conflicts are natural in every field. From the domestic life to working place conflict present everywhere. Every person has their own psychology coming from different genes. They bring and brought up to this world in a different environment. As a result in a working field when two or more people making a decision and starts a conflict.

It is art to manage conflict in any kind of Industry or company. If conflicts are not managed properly, the direct effect of this will harm the workplace and business performance. If the conflicts are evenly managed, the health of the workplace remains good. Thus grow a positive thinking and positive energy, which strengthen the base of business.

For small businesses, successes depend on few people only and conflict gives a huge negative impulse. There are 5 processes to manage conflict for business development:

  1. Accommodating:

It’s a very important part of conflict management. Whenever there is some probability of getting into the conflict in the workplace, you can manage for accommodating (in case of yourself or if you are in a group you have to manage its own).

To keep your job good do not take any wrong decision or short temper publics are harmful to the business. Face your problems and handle any type of conflict. The accommodating nature will give you the highest place among employees.


  1. Avoiding:

Avoiding is the easiest part of conflict management. If any situation is getting worst then avoiding is the best part, do not go for argument. Most of us carry negative thoughts which bring an ego problem. We don’t want to see our own faults.

The best policy is to admit your own fault and avoid conflicts. Thus the relationships stay strong and beneficial for business. Avoiding is the best policy to win an argument.


  1. Collaborating:

Collaborating is the main keyword for conflict management. If there is an issue in business try to solve them by collaborating all employees. The issues can be personal or professional between managers and employee, find a way to discuss the problem and solve it. Thus positive and developmental energy is generating. The growth of the overall business will increase.


  1. Compromising:

It’s a step of conflict management. In this case, one of the people of the opposite team has to find a mutual way to find a solution. In many cases, you may have to choose to compromise rather getting into conflict. If any of your idea of business is not acceptable or understandable for others, and collaborating is not working then go for compromising. In this way, you may find the solution. Compromising results in decrease stress.


  1. Competing:

It is a very important section of a conflict management strategy. It’s a type of game where one can win and lose simultaneously. Sometimes for the development of the organization, any strong personality takes part as a conflict management strategy. In some important time, you to have to show an ineffective attitude to others, and take a decision forcefully. It’s a very important step for business improvement.


To access the organization and to control workers of management group conflict management is an important strategy.


“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.”

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