How to Improve Your Business?

The Ultimate Guide to How to Improve Your Business?

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

In today’s life, the mentality of an educated person should not be bounded in Job or employment. For the betterment of the future, we should think about Business strategies. In this world of Globalization communication with the world has been so easy that it is not so hard to start up a Business.

For the traditional businesses, the buyers are limited, but in the world of the online digital system, it is very easy to provide your business to the 900 crore people of the world within a few time. Which is becoming a very important way to make a career for many. This process of the digital system is very easy to access, which have no boundary. The digital system will improve your Business strategies.


  1. Mind Set:

To start a business, first of all, you have to set your mind that you will have to be a successful Business Man/ woman. With a traditional concept that we have to get a job or we will be an employee our parent or sometimes we choose our education stream.

It is very rare to get a concept of business from our parent, so we have to decide our own future choosing the right Business for us. The main thing is needed to start a business is Courage and Confidence. You have to break the Glass Ceiling of traditional thinking.


  1. Survey the Market:

After setting your goal, you have to go to survey the Market. You have to know the basic and daily base need of people, their capacity for expenditure. What kind of quality do they want in their product? You have to get into their mind what is more attractive-

a) after sales service or b) feedback of the product quality. In short, you will have to know how to satisfy your customers? You have to look at each and every point of the survey. You can do it online or offline as well.


  1. Product selection:

After doing a good survey you will get to know which product is in more demand or the materials you are dealing with is it acceptable to the customers or not? If it is not acceptable then you will have to improve the product quality. This process is known as Product Demonstration. The acceptance of the customers is the key factor of a successful business.


  1. Know your Competitors:

Know your competitors and their companies who are dealing with the same product you do. Be aware of what kind of advertisement they are giving to improve their business. Collect information about the market review of other companies. In general, if it’s required to collect pieces of information from their customers.


  1. Make your own product and build a positive factor:

There are some advice about how to make your product a significant,

  • Fix the rate of your product, that customer can easily afford.
  • Keep the quality of your product very good.
  • Brand your product’s name as per the choice of your customer or easy to spell.
  • Advertising should be online and offline also, it must have a touch of reality. putting the right content and context very important. To write SEO optimized content, you can learn content writing from any recognized institute.
  • Keep your honesty at 100%, in the name of more profit don’t spoil the quality of your product.


  1. After sales and services:

The main principle of any company is their sales and services and what they are giving even after the sales of their product. It may be anything whether any electronic goods, computer parts, personal care life. However, keep giving good services to your customers even after selling your product.

Always manage to give services within 24 hours of customer’s complain and try to keep them mentally free from your assurances that it will never happen in future. Thus you can improve your business beyond your expectation; those customers will recommend your company to others. Keep giving the alert message at the time.


  1. Attitude towards customers and follow up:

Keep a very good relation with your customers. Never ever misbehave with your customers. After giving services keep checking feedback on time through message or online alert. Greet them on special days like New Year, year ending, Independent day, birthdays and anniversary through SMS.

Thus your business strategies will improve more.


“It is impossible to progress without change, and those who do not change their minds cannot change anything.” -George Bernard Shaw.



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Sk Abdul Hannan

After doing 2 to 3 jobs, I found my interest on business in my college life.
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