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Always be Positive –Smart Habits

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Who wouldn’t want happiness in life or everything to be okay? Giving advice to someone “stays positive” or to think positive is much easier than to do. We all constantly strive to see the positivity in every aspect of our life. But this is not that easy always. Our lives are full of challenges, difficulties, pressures- but we have to overcome the entire difficult situation for success.

Always keep it in mind that, positivity is the only way to make you the person you wanted to be for years. Even in the most difficult situation, you have to be positive and keep faith in yourself that everything will be fine one day. The seed of negativity in mind can ruin a life. Striving to make the best in a difficult situation- makes the hard time to bear smoothly. Only a positive mindset can change your world to a better one.

It does not come always naturally, you have to work hard – work hard to control yourself from emotion, negativity, etc. Staying positive will directly or indirectly improve your career, relationships. Train yourself to be positive with a few steps, such as

  • 1. Always start your day with a positive affirmation:

How you start your day decides how your entire day will be. Never ever start your day with yesterday’s panic and negative thoughts that nothing good happened. If you bring back the negative thoughts from what happened yesterday, you will successfully ruin your present.

There is a big connection between your thoughts, emotions, and circumstances, so if you bear the negative thoughts with you it will affect your work. Start your day with confidence that you can overcome every bad situation, whatever comes in your way.

  • Try to wake up early.
  • Do some meditation and exercises.
  • Have a healthy breakfast.

Waking up early will give you the positive vibes of the morning. Doing meditations and exercises will keep your health good. Good health will keep your mind healthy. Having a healthy breakfast will keep you energized.


  • 2. Find an optimistic viewpoint in a negative situation:

The most effective and simplest way to build positivity within you is to find positive things in difficult situations. If you constantly find negative things in every situation, you will face only difficulties.

Whenever there is any tough situation, remember that whatever happens happens for the best. Keep faith in yourself and make your own way. Be optimistic is a way to handle tough times.

If there is any situation you failed, feeling lazy to do work or not finding anything good in it, then ask yourself,

  • Is it the end of everything?
  • What is the positive thing you find in this situation?
  • What you should do to move the situation in a positive way?
  • How you can utilize the situation in good deed?


  • 3. Smile more:

Smiling is a very good and positive vibe you can give to everyone and even to yourself. Smiling makes you feel better and keep your health better.

Choose a positive attitude to see the world-changing in a positive way.


  • 4. Add your positivity to someone’s life:

Not only in your life, try to change the life of others by make them smile. What you give to others, you will get it in return. So do well, to get well from others. Spread the positivity around you.

Add positive thoughts to others life.

  • Help others in every way you can.
  • Listen to others, and value their thinking.
  • Boost their mood by cracking some jokes or hanging out with friends.


  • 5. Learn to take criticism in a positive way:

Criticism is normal, whether you are in a group of friends or family nobody miss the chance to criticize others. Most of the sensitive people take this criticism very seriously and fell into depression. The reason for the maximum depressed people is criticism by others.

But those clever people, who overcome this situation of being insulted, are the real fighter. It is not so easy to handle these types of situations every time, but you can follow some few tips;

  • Do not reply to them right away. Because when you got angry and reply back, they enjoy the situation the most. So, it’s better to avoid them.
  • Listen to their criticism and prepare yourself to be the best version of you.
  • Take that criticism in a positive way.


  • 6. Exercise regularly and sleep well:

Doing exercise on a regular basis will automatically keep your mind and health fresh. Sleep at least for 8 hours a day. Sleeping is the best way to give rest to your brain and improve your health.

  • Yoga.
  • Meditation.
  • Sleep

These are the basic habits to change your life in a positive way.

  • 7. Take care of yourself:

Taking care of your body and mind should be in your top of the priority list, as no one can going to do it for you. Try to eat healthy and hygienic.

Always wear properly clean cloths. Looks are very important, as it raises your personality and confidence well.


  • 8. Keep away your cell phone:

The cell phone is becoming a dangerous addiction to all of us. We cannot live without it and should not live with this every time. You should keep away your phone while you are sleeping and even 2 hours before sleeping.

The radiation of the phone affects our brain drastically. The addition of a cell phone is so dangerous that your mind will automatically distract from working hard. So, if you really want to positivity in life, you must minimize the uses of cell phone and concentrate on other works such as reading books, praying to God, etc.



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