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Messing With Inspirational Story Of Alibaba Founder – Jack Ma : What Your Mother Never Told You

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Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

In this life of competition, we are all searching for the magic to happen in our life. From movies of reel life, we also want a fantasy world for us and get inspired by those reel life heroes. But when we are seeking for success we always search for an inspirational story. There are so many successful persons in this world with their own unique stories, but some of them are truly beyond our imagination like the story of the founder of Alibaba.

Today we are going to talk about a real-life Hero. A man who changed the definition of economy and internet industry of China- this is the story of Jack Ma.

Worth of Alibaba:

Jack Ma is the founder of E-Commerce business industry Alibaba and stakeholder of its daughter company Alipay, is an e-payment portal. The net worth of Jack Ma is $25billion, which made him the richest person in China. His recent world record is about $150 Billion IPO filling of his company. Given all of this Jack Ma holds only 7.8% stake and 50% for his Alipay. A process of goods from Facebook, Amazon, and eBay combined is worth less than Alibaba.

This sounds like he must be a very rich arrogant billionaire, who might haven’t seen the struggle in his life. But wait, the life of Jack Ma is as hard as a rock. The struggling day of his life is full of rejection and failure that anyone can imagine. The struggle and patience made him successful.


His full name is Ma Yun a.k.a Jack Ma. He was born in Hangzhou, the south-eastern part of China. He had an elder brother and a sister in a very middle-class family. His parents were traditional musicians and storyteller. As a kid loved to learn and speak in English and he used to give English tours to foreigners for free.

Though he is the richest person in China this is also true that rejections were the part of his life. He rejected from each and every workplace. In his early stage of life he failed in primary school examinations, he failed thrice during his middle school exams, he even failed in the entrance exam of the university. But he finally got admission at Hangzhou Normal University. He rejected 10 times from Harvard University for admission. Jack failed almost about 30 times after applying to them before he got his first job. Once he said in his interview, “When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job, Twenty-three people were accepted, I was the only guy who wasn’t”. He was also one of those 5 applicants to a job in the police force. And was the only one getting rejected after being told, “No, you’re no good.”

His failures:

After all the rejections and failures, Jack Ma visited the US in 1995, for a government undertaking project related to the building of highways. It was the first time he introduces to the computer and internet world. On that time uses of internet was very rare in China. He searches his first word ‘Beer’ on the Mosaic browser, and popped out all the results from all over the world. He searched for ‘China’, but no result was popped out. Then he decided it is the time for people of China to get on the internet.

Then he started his e-commerce startup- Alibaba with a joint venture of 17 friends. But Jack Ma didn’t have a single penny for investment. The online system of payment and package transfers is safe and was the biggest challenge for Jack Ma. Starting a business at the age of 31 successfully was not easy at all. Alibaba runs one of the biggest e-commerce networks in the world. The company grew very rapidly throughout China and all over the world.

This was the story of an exceptionally determined Entrepreneur. Jack Ma changes the internet business in China and across the world.     

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