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Earn $25,000 Per Month from Affiliate

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When we refer someone to buy an online product, and we receive a commission when the person buys the product from our link, it is known as affiliate marketing. The oldest form of digital marketing is affiliate marketing, and this is a type of digital marketing.

Working on affiliate marketing:

1. We join an affiliate program.
2. We select a product which we want to promote through a unique link.
3. We can share the link via any social media sites or through our personal sources.
4. We earn an affiliate commission when someone purchases from our link.

Costing for joining an affiliate program:

  • For joining an affiliate program, there is no charge.
  • The promotion technique we are using can change the total cost that we have to bear for
  • For example, Email marketing, advertising, PPC marketing, when we use these sources
    we have to bear some price tags.
  • Whereas when we use the blog post, it does not cost us any price.


        1. Is affiliate marketing illegal or harmful?

Since we are using an affiliate link which is provided to us rather than a direct link for any website, This is neither illegal nor harmful.

     2. Qualifications required for becoming an affiliate marketer?

 For becoming an affiliate marketer, no qualifications are required.

 Having good marketing and copywriting skills will help a lot in affiliate marketing,
which works as a great advantage for our work.

  • How we can an affiliate link of any product?

1. All companies do not offer an affiliate program.

2. If any company offer affiliate program, we can check for it in their FAQ page.

3. We can also check a company’s website for the affiliate program whether they provide it
or not.

4. We can also do a simple Google search for this purpose.

5. To make our work easier, Google Chrome add-on is also available.

6. We can also create a free account in some affiliate marketplace companies such as CJ,
Share Sale, Click bank, etc. For using these websites, there is no charge.

  • How we can find new products for promotion?

o For the promotion of products and to find new products for promotion, we can always search
or keep an eye on blogs for this purpose.

o In Blogs, we can view which products they are promoting and the methods used by them
in promoting such products.

  • Earning through affiliate marketing?

 The product which we are promoting denotes how much commission we would get from
it. It can vary from $1 to $10,000.

 We can earn limitless from affiliate marketing.

 Many marketers via affiliate marketing are making in a month millions of

 The key for prospering here is how we are approaching the customers about our

  • We can use a blog or PPC for the products.
  • The most effective way of earning here is by blogging.
  • Apart from the blog, which is the best method according to us, we can also use others
    methods of promotion such as PPC or advertising for this, which is also a very popular
    method for growing in affiliate marketing.


We can use affiliate marketing as a good income source for our income. We have already seen how an affiliate marketer can earn through these processes by simply attaching their affiliate link, and promoting it, which is neither illegal nor harmful.

Use both affiliate marketing and Ad Sense as affiliate marketing does not violate any Terms and facts of Ad Sense. In some areas, affiliate marketing works better than Ad Sense and gives us a very fruitful source of income for our daily needs and livelihood.

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