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7 Ways to Successfully Change Your Career

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Do you want to change your career? Or tired of being in the same job? Changing your career sounds something very difficult and tricky to someone, who has not done it before. If you are totally messed up and burned out with your current job, then it is definitely a time for a change.

There could be much reason that you don’t want to stay in your current job, such as not getting a salary at the time, non-profitable salary with respect to your hard work or maybe the job is too boring for you. From my personal experience and I have seen many people that career-changing decision is like life-changing, and it is profitable too. But if you go for the wrong choice it may harm you as well.

Every piece of experience and guide you need to grow your career outside your current field, I have punched them together for you in this article. You must have all the goods and experience of starting up a new career. Here I am just guiding you.

Steps for how to successfully Change your Career:               

  • Consider your current Situation:

The first thing you have to do when you al decided to change your career, consider on your current field.

  • What are the things you do not like about your current situation?
  • Is this the salary you are not satisfied? Or the process of your job is boring?
  • What are the stresses and what makes you Unhappy?

You should also think about the career you like to have in the future. Similarly, you must think about your comfort zone of working and the happiness you need in your job. Take at least 30 minutes of your day and gathered all the thoughts that are necessary for your career change and make a checklist. It will help you a lot to find a perfect match for your career.


  • Find out your interest and Skills you have:

From your current situation, you might have gathered a lot of experiences about career choice. You have to find your inner you, what you love to do or what makes you happy?

Listen to your heart always. In which work you have been appreciated for always or your colleagues admire you in which work, are the best-suited work for. Your skills must be addressed to your current job and future job too. Whether it is a hard skill or any soft skill, value both. There are lots of career options to choose from.

You can go for online tools to find job alternatives.


  • Take the advice of Others:

After researching lots of career option you have to keep at least 2-3 options to choose. If you are facing difficulties to choose your options, discuss with your family or close friend, whom you think can give a better choice. Or the best will be to consult a career counselor.


  • Gather your supplies:

After choosing the best option for you, it’s time to gather the necessary things to start.

  • A Clear Resume:

As you starting a new career, you must start from a fresh resume. If you have more than 1 target then make the resume of a different kind and submit in a different department of an industry for a different position. It maybe takes some time to prepare, but it worth your effort. Interviewers are very specific about these things.

If you are targeting totally different career option than before, then you must go for a professional resume style other than the traditional format of writing.

  • A clean cover letter:

The cover letter is very important, as it can say it that entire why you want a change in your career. The cover letter should be very neat and clean. You can explain your previous experiences.

  • Refresh your LinkedIn account:

Among several social media sites, LinkedIn is the most useful for the job segment. Here you can search for Job easily. So, the LinkedIn profile is very important.

How to improve your LinkedIn account:

  • Upload a professional headshot.
  • Rewrite your LinkedIn summary.
  • Get more contacts and enrich your connections.
  • Include all of your work experience.
  • Add your writing samples, project plans, etc.
  • Update your contact details.


  • Try to improve your skills:

If you want to change your career, you must develop your skills. Whatever the skills are, you should be the best of it. There is no option other than hard work. It will be easier for you as you have already learned from your previous experiences and weak points. There are several options to improve your skills such as,

  • You can have special courses on your choices.
  • Learn some online courses with good certification.


  • Never think too much:

Do not hold yourself back. Overthinking can damage your normal thinking ability about your career. If you are decided to leave, just leave it but with all protection as told before.

Many people cannot find a new path, just because they think too much. And they have to continue with their boring career. Many of them not approved themselves as a skilled person to change their career. These type of thinking can hold you back and prevent you for the long run.

Every day remind yourself that, you are the best and you have to give your best in your work. Remind yourself of the skills and qualities you have are good for an employer and keep giving interviews in different companies.


  • Do not change your mind:

You have to stick to your decision. If you continuously change your mindset, you will be distracted from your goal. To build a successful career will definitely take time, always keep patience. Never rush into big things, always satisfied with whatever you are getting. Do not compare yourself with others. It will make you unhappy only.

Keep checking your checklist, if you are getting those things in your interviews or not. If you are not getting those things you have to keep patience and keep trying.


Keep in your mind: you must learn a good interview skill. A good interview skill makes you special than others.

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Sk Abdul Hannan

After doing 2 to 3 jobs, I found my interest on business in my college life.
From then I was in a Professional Business. I have gathered 13 years of experience in Business Sales, Marketing, Operation, and Management. Today most of the people are frighten to decide their career in Job or Business. This site is a gift for them. Here you can get A-Z Guide & Support for any Business and Jobs.

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