7 ways to keep motivate your life

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

Keep motivate yourself is not so hard, as we thought it is. Sounds a little odd, right? But in reality, it is true. Motivating your self is very important nowadays, to achieve our goal, to fulfill our dream. It is all about the game of concentration, mindset and will power.

Many people are very good at it. But some of us need outside help to keep themselves motivated. This article is for them. Here I am presenting 7 simple ways to keep motivate yourself.

We all can set our goals that is what we want to be in our life. Throughout the year we keep planning to do lots of things in millions of ways. Just to keep our self motivated and to achieve the goal. But the truth is setting a goal is easier than to achieve it.

Sometimes after watching a movie or a show, we found ourselves super motivated. We decide that certain moment ‘I will do work hard’, ‘will achieve my goal’ and all. But the next day every motivation, everything vanishes automatically.

  1. Limit your time:

If you got limitless time to complete any work, your enthusiasm will automatically slow down. As you saw in some games like football, there is a time limit. That keeps those players motivated throughout the game. So, take a lesson from it and set your timer for any work.

Limiting your time will push you to complete your work within a limited period. The best you can do to make a schedule and hang it on to your room wall. It will keep reminding you about your work undone. Time management is important in life.

  1. Keep eyes on your goal:

Always keep your eyes on your goal, not in the difficulties you face during your hard time. It takes a lot of concentration and patience. If you got distracted from your goal it will be very hard to achieve it. So, without focusing on your difficulties, keep the focus on your goal and run for it.

  1. Write it down:

Whenever you complete your work or not able to complete any work, write it down all. Affirmation is not the solution, you have to have a strong belief in yourself. Strong your belief system.

Writing down every weak point will remind you to focus and work on your weak points.

  1. Stay hungry:

Always stay hungry for knowledge. Gather knowledge from everywhere. Even in the worst situation, take lessons from it. Keep visualizing your goal will help you to stick to it. Stay positive and believe in your actions. Your positive actions believe will help you to achieve your goal.

  1. Fake it until you make it:

Sometimes you have to control yourself. Control yourself from thinking negative things, controlling from doing anything, which can distract you from your focus. Whenever you feel low or exhausted, say yourself that ‘you are ok’. That will give a fake signal to your brain, but that will keep you energized. So, sometimes fake it, until you make it happen.

  1. Prepare yourself for the worst:

Prepare yourself for the worst; it will give you the strength to tackle any situation.

  1. Know your buttons:

Before starting your journey towards your goal, know your buttons. Know the buttons for your moods. Know your moods such as depressing things, excitation for anything. The inspiring things and most importantly negative things. Always learn from negative situations.

Knowing the buttons means knowing you properly. It will help you to choose the right path for you.

Apart from these points always keep it in mind to read something inspiring. Some movies or videos that motivate you, is important.


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