20 Small Business Ideas to Start from Home- Anyone Can Start.

Written by Sk Abdul Hannan

There are so many home-based businesses with no investment or very small investment. Lots of advantages you will have when you are self-employed. In this article, I put some of the names of businesses just to give you an idea.

You don’t have to go anywhere to start these types of businesses; you can start and handle it from home. These are basically online businesses, computer base and online service types of businesses from home.

  • Marketing Services:

For marketing services, you need to have a piece of minimum knowledge. You can have an online course.

There are so many companies looking for a perfect freelancer for their websites, that means you just have to concentrate on a few things;

  • Meta description
  • Right title
  • Perfect SEO title
  • Correct keyword research
  • Tags and category


  • Social Media Consultant:

Social media means Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. There are probably a few people who are not in social media nowadays. Social media is a great platform to start a business. It is a client base business can spread all over the world. But before that, you have to be a social media specialist. You can use Social media management tools to make the business easy to access. As a social media consultant, you have many choices to offer your client, such as

  • Coaching session
  • Social media audit
  • Social media manager
  • Training


  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing getting a big platform day by day. All you just need a website and have to promote products. Then you will get your commission after selling the product. You can earn in lakhs per month by affiliate marketing.

  • Blogger:

If you love to write then you must start this as a profession. Let the world know about your writing. You can start blog o travel, cook, fashion, health, etc. All you just need a computer, a website and a good camera. Posting quality blog content and good digital marketing strategy and make the big difference. You can earn by showing ads on your site.

  • Internet Security Consultant:

Nowadays some web threats like Hacking, scamming, viruses are just some of the security threats. If you know properly your own stuff, you could make huge money by consulting businesses, especially those who handle sensitive customer information and want to keep those information secrets. You can give them proper security planning. If you have special knowledge about the security industry, you can go for this business.


  • Freelancer:

It is a client-based business. You just have to have a piece of good knowledge, Such as

  • Marketing
  • Web designing
  • Social media management
  • PPC copywriter
  • Real estate assistant
  • Virtual assistant


  • Online Dating Consultant:

Have you got the words? Yes, you got it right. You can help people to find their perfect man or woman. Thus you will become an online love consultant. This is a very unique profession and very new. But this profession will bring lots of responsibilities to you, as you are guiding someone’s life. Offering telephone updates on their matchmaking status should be your daily task.

  • Application Developer:

There are so many applications are launching every day. If you think that you have the skill and can write unique and good content, you should try this profession. Once you create your application you will start earning. This is much better than a 9 to 5 job. You just have to do good marketing.

  • Website Developer:

In this digital world to promote business one must have a website. If you have the skill you can earn lifelong.  If you want to take the web-building skills to another level, you can learn the language of website creation in, where you will be able to learn how to incorporate:

  • Shopping carts.
  • Product pages.
  • Gallery
  • Feedback forms.
  • Service pages.


  • Graphic designer:

Graphic designers are in demand these days. By technique, you can create designs in some things like,

  • Logos
  • Fliers
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Information sheets
  • Letters
  • Advertisements

You can follow some company guidelines and customer needs to get leads.


  • Desktop Publisher:

Desktop publishing is a new business you can start. It is based on publishing software to create:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Marketing newsletters.
  • Other marketing materials.

Using page layout software you can create documents on a personal computer. Desktop publishing is also the main reference for digital typography.

  • Online Photo Selling:

Selling photos online is a growing business today. All you need to have a good quality of cameras such as SLR or DSLR and must have to learn photography. Create your own website to make it a brand. Website is the best place, where you can sell with better profit.  Here are some website you can sell your photos;

  • Shutterstock
  • istock
  • 500px
  • Alamy
  • Fotomoto
  • Getty Images


  • Resume Writer:

A professional resume writer’s job is to craft a compelling marketing document, rather than just writing a factual history of the client’s career. If you are very good at content writing, then experience does not matter. Every one gives priority to a good quality of writing. So many people pay for to create a resume and write good things about them. Nowadays having big degrees are not enough to create a resume for themselves. They also need someone to write something good about them on their resume.

  • Financial Advisor:

To grow a business in every way even financially everyone needs a good financial advisor. All you just need a certified financial planner certificate. And if you have enough experience then well and good, you can start your business by giving pieces of advice. You can do it both online and offline.

You can start your own youtube channel. If you are good at anything like cooking, fashion, makeup, technology, motivational speaker or anything, you can start from today. By showing ads on your channel or after a certain period when you will get a certain amount of viewers and subscribers you will start earning. Make sure that the video should be interesting and informative.

  • Editorial Services:

If you love grammar, you can turn into a home-based editing business; firstly learn everything you need to know, from editing to business processes. Your client will be endless by the time it will increase. From small types to any large businesses to authors and students can be your clients. Basic levels of editing are:

  • Developmental editing.
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Web content writing
  • Indexing
  • Book writing


  • Life Coaching:

Life coaching is a perfect business idea for you if you are very passionate about helping others. You can start it from home and even continue on doing it online. Some pros of being a life coach,

  • Your scope of earning will increase automatically.
  • You can coach an individual or a group.
  • By the time you can add some product to complement your coaching and raise your income.


  • Digital Media Conversion:

The basic concept of digital media conversion business is to transfer songs or any data from old CDs and DVDs to the computer. The huge amount of old CDs and DVDs are getting lost by the invention of the internet. So, the new users of the internet would definitely want to convert their files, information or data to be transferred to the computer. You can give ads on different social media or even offline.

  • E-commerce Store:

If you have your own product or manufacturing industry, so, this will be the right choice for you. Here you can promote and sell your product in the digital platform to the entire world. Marketing of your product and branding is the only way to increase your sell. So, why not a digital platform? In this world of digitization everyone moving towards online shopping. This is a big chance to catch the market before it’s too late. Some benefits of having an online store;

  • It will open 24/7.
  • You can sell to the world.
  • Whenever possible, you can promote your business.
  • You can run a campaign by PPC.


  • Online Custom Tailoring:

If you are good at tailoring or if it is your passion, then you can take it to the level of online business. All you just need a good experience or certified certificate. It will be a great initiative for women, who want to start work from home. You can take orders from any clothing industry or directly from the customers. You can also offer some customized things such as,

  • Cloths
  • Stitches
  • Fabric
  • Lining

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